Leaving hospital


Although you are likely to see a significant improvement of your symptoms during your stay in hospital, you will not be fully recovered when you leave hospital.

You are likely to need continued treatment and support at home or in residential care as you deal with longer-term problems.

  • You must be fit enough to leave hospital before you are discharged. 

Your stroke care team will work with a social worker to assess your progress in hospital, and to help you access support in your community.

  • Your stroke care team will work with a social worker to assess your progress in hospital, and will create a discharge plan.

The plan makes sure that you will get the help you need from health and social services. This can include help with reducing the risk of further strokes.

  • You are entitled to a home assessment (For BSA Member).

If an assessment doesn’t happen before you leave hospital, you can contact BSA to ask for a home assessment.

  • It is important to get as much support as possible.

As well as support from health and social services, it may be useful to contact other sources of advice and support in your community to ensure that you make as full a recovery and rehabilitation as possible.


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